We sell for you

Selling your items through Michele's is simple, just bring in your high end clothing, shoes, bags, hats, etc, on any day and leave the rest to us! In order to get the best-selling price for your items, we not only merchandise them beautifully but also advertise on Facebook, Instagram and here on our website.

Step 1

Bring your pre-loved clothes to us. Remember these items must be clean and in good condition!

Step 2

We will ask you to fill out a client form and your pieces will stay with us for 6 weeks or longer if agreed.

Step 3

Your items will go on sale and be displayed in our beautiful shop in The Old Kings Head Courtyard - Dorking ! They may also appear on our website and social media pages for people to view.

Step 4

We sell for you so you don't have to. Your item is sold, you receive 50% commission.

Terms & Conditions

  • Michele's Dress Agency will pay you, the client, 50% commission of the eventual sale price of your item(s).
  • Commission under £££ will be paid in cash and over £££ will be paid by cheque.
  • All commission should be collected by arrangement and within a month of the date on your receipt.
  • Your receipt is proof of ownership and no commission can be paid without it.
  • Pricing will be at our discretion unless there is an item for which you require a specific price. Please draw this to our attention.
  • All clothing and accessories must be in a near new, immaculate condition and freshly laundered.
  • All clothing and accessories must be high end high street or designer and appropriate to the season.
  • Michele's Dress Agency reserves the right to refuse to sell any items that, for whatever reason we deem unsuitable.
  • We do not accept underwear, nightwear, swimwear or counterfeit items.
  • We do not accept Brand, Brand, Brand, Brand, brand , supermarket brands, etc.
  • All clothing and accessories will be on display in our shop for xxxx weeks, however after xxx weeks we reserve the right to reduce the price.
  • Any unsold items will be returned to the client or if not collected, donated to charity. We kindly request that clients comply with the collection date noted on your receipt.
  • Whilst Michele's Dress Agency will take the very greatest care of your items, we cannot take responsibility for stolen or damaged items.
  • We like to be flexible to our clients’ needs and are always happy to discuss any individual personal requirements.
  • If you would like a copy of our Terms & Conditions please click here.